Our passion is in culture, culinary adventure and great cooking .  We love combining local elements and add a dash of familiarity.  We take what people love and combine it with our own creativity.  We serve what people like and we hope that our creations gives pleasures to those who craves for incredible culinary adventure.


Experience is what makes it memorable.  We always look for new elements to create such greatness.  We want to make people submerge into a great culinary adventure when they come to our place.  We bring in all the best in life to create a cocoon of greatness to wove our visitor when visiting our place.

GOOD PEOPLEWhat locks its all is how great the servings are.  We strive to serve all our customers with the pleasure of the customer.  They may be king in our place but, what does it all mean when we cannot treat our customer like the real king.  Lonely at top, that’s not our motto, we stand for togetherness and every customer is a king and a friend.  We want everyone feels like a family.



To create that irreplaceable memory is to make a great impression.  This is how we lock it.  Our price is so great, you know you want to make our place your favorite place to hangout.  We strive to create a pricing structure that can pleases everyone with every need.  Never feel left out and or not having the upper hand when it comes to culinary adventure.  We are here for you.