Paket Makan Siang Netto Rp. 23.000,- Tidak ada pajak tidak ada service tidak pake ribet! siapa mau?

Serae Welcomes you.

We wish to fill your tummy, please your appetite and make you come back for some more great culinary adventure.

We are the best Mie Tarik, Dim Sum and Coffee house you can find in Yogyakarta.  We are located right in the heart of Kota Yogyakarta.  Offering you a great Indonesian Chinese cooking with a promotion you cannot refuse.  We are known for; our “pay-as-you-like” promotion where, you can pay us what you think we deserve. *

*see here for our current "pay-as-you-like" promotional. 

We serve the best flavors of Mie Tarik you can find, made to order hand tossed noodles, made from fresh ingredients and all started from scratch.  You want skinny noodles, long and fat, you named it, make a request and our noodle tosser are ready to serve your requests. 

5 Mie Tarik Flavors you yearn for more:

  • Mie Tarik Asam Pedas:  Dive in a taste our endless palette of flavors, try our Mie Tarik Asam Pedas if you are looking for that Szechuan flavors. 
  • Mie Tarik Pedas: If you like spicy, ready your lips to be smack and your eyes be watery with Mie Tarik Pedas where, our Mie Tarik will make you weep like a little girl.
  • Mie Tarik Sapi: For those who loves savory slices of marinated red meat served with hot and aromatic beef broth to wet your tongue, try our Mie Tarik Sapi, a guarantee to make your taste bud explode. 
  • Mie Tarik Ayam: A noodle to die for, our one of the best kitchen recipe is in this dish, making all Mie Ayam street vendor jealous of its perfection.  Hand tossed noodles served with chicken soup based and sprinkled with saute ground chicken with herbs. 
  • Mie Tarik Tom Yum: The best of Thailand is here in Yogyakarta, bowl of seafood goodness served with hot, spicy and sour soup with a hint of lemon grass Mie Tarik Tom Yum is the perfect dish for those who loves seafood.

Entice your taste bud with our selection of Dim Sum.  A finger food  that will makes you to order for more and more.   

3 Dim Sum Dish to end your hunger:

  • Chicken Feet: To make your culinary journey memorable, ask for our succulent Chicken Feet Dim Sum; Braised chicken feet with black bean sauce that guarantees to win your smile for every bite.
  • Udang Rambutan: A mystery calling, a blend of steam and fried dim sum, shrimp glazed with fried won ton skin make this dish unique in its presence but tantalizing and mouth watering when consume.
  • Siomay: Our signature Chicken and shrimp dumpling will wiggle your tongue and drown in a perfect blend of a forbidden pleasure. 

We may carry the same name, we may also have the same layout, but this is the new Serae.  A place you can really enjoy

Good Food, Good Place and Good People. 

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Hours of operation / Jam Operasi
  • Mon & Tue | Sen & Sel

    11am – 08pm

  • Wed & Thur | Rab & Kam

    11am – 08pm

  • Fri & Sat / Jum & Sab

    11am – 08pm

  • Sun / Ming

    11am – 08pm

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